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Visit from Georgia at Realists

We are pleased to announce the visit of Dr. David Kalandadze, a neurosurgeon from Georgia, at our Realists headquarters. Dr. David Kalandadze from the Alexander Aladashvili Clinic in Tbilisi has traveled to Germany for future projects. One of his stops were Leipzig and a two day visit at Realists Training Technologies GmbH. Dr. Kalandadze took the time and operated one of our RealSpine herniated disc patients. He was impressed by the realism and potential of our RealSpine models.

"The models are unique. In my own student days, I would never have imagined that such a realistic reproduction of a patient case would even be possible. For doctors who eventually have to operate autonomously, RealSpine is a great way to acquire the skills and abilities they need, " said Dr. Kalandadze.

We enjoyed the visit a lot and look forward to a future cooperation.

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