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RealSpine Basic SI

For sacroiliac joint fusion

  • Take your spine surgery training to the next level with our radiolucent RealSpine Basic SI model for use with radiographic modalities. 

  • Surgical procedures to practice: Incision, pin insertion, drilling and fusion (implants/screws).

  • What's Included with the RealSpine Basic SI Simulator

    • Replaceable cartridge with lifelike simulation of key anatomical structures (bone and soft tissue).

    • Base and cover (sold separately).

Possible Procedures

  • Incision

  • Pin insertion

  • Drilling

  • Fusion (Implants/Screws)

Compatible Technologies

  • RealImaging

  • External Navigation

  • Implants / Screws (Fusion)

  • X-Ray


  • Lateral

  • Posterior


  • Percutaneous

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