By using the RealSpine system for the training of operations on the lumbar spine, the surgical skills of residents and consultants can be improved. In a real but risk-free environment for the patient; surgeons can train complications and risky situations such as strong intraoperative bleeding or injured dura treatment. The training surgery can either be carried out as an entire operation or in individual steps, so-called Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Pathologies available


Disc Herniation

Bernd Scheibe

37-year old patient with a left-sided disc prolapsed L4/5.




Martin Herning

62-year old patient with a L4/5 disc herniation with right-sided downward and left-sided upward sequestration.

Lumbar Stenosis

Stella Lumbard

75-year old woman reports intermittent bilateral lower extremity pain and paresthesia. She has a history of low back and radicular pain for many years presenting with worsening symptoms.

Advanced Stenosis

Kari Nordmann

64-year old patient reporting pain in the buttocks and posterior/lateral part of both lower extremities as well as numbness but with right side dominance for six months. MRI showed paresis grade 4.


Lisa Smith

69-year old patient with low back pain and pain in the left leg for three years. Epidural injections have offered some but not complete relief. MRI showed spondylolisthesis L4/5.






Compatible technologies

Realists Imaging

Pedicle Screws

Surgical Navigation



Dura closure
Bleeding Management

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