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RealSpine Basic MISS

For basic endoscopic / microscopic decompression training of the lumbar spine

  • Experience REAListic spine surgical training: Life-like simulation of key anatomical landmarks including tissues.

  • Take your skills to the next level: Enhance your skills on endoscopic and microscopic decompression procedures on both sides of the L4-L5 vertebrae

  • Explore multiple approaches: Perform multiple approaches (Posterior, Interlaminar, Extraforaminal and many more) in a single model.

  • For a more comprehensive learning experience: Compatible with Realists Imaging

  • Get the best of both worlds: Benefit from our cost-effective and realistic basic surgical training with the simulation fidelity of a RealSpine model

  • Never miss a moment of training: Improve your surgical skills anywhere (at home, in the office, meeting room etc.) and at your convenience.

  • Take your training anywhere you go: Lightweight and easy to transport


One model, multiple approaches

The Basic MISS is designed to enhance your skills in basic endoscopic and microscopic procedures. With a single model, you can perform multiple approaches: Posterior, Interlaminar, Extraforaminal, Transforaminal, and many more!

Get more done in less time, and take it anywhere!

The portable and lightweight Basic MISS offers convenient, cost-effective, and realistic training to sharpen your surgical skills anywhere, anytime.

Basic MISS Base and Cartridge_edited.jpg

RealSpine Basic MISS + RealImaging

When combined with our radiation-free surgical navigation technology, RealImaging, the RealSpine Basic MISS serves as an all-inclusive solution for introductory lumbar spine surgery education.

Possible Procedures

  • Incision (Basic)

  • Flavectomy / Laminectomy

  • Bilateral Decompression

  • Sequestrectomy

  • Discectomy (Basic)

  • Facetectomy

Compatible Technologies


  • Microscopic / Exoscopic

  • Tubular Endoscopic

  • Full Endoscopic


  • Posterior

  • Interlaminar

  • Extraforaminal

  • Transforaminal

  • Percutaneous

Basic or Advanced - which is right for you?

Basic Advanced Comparisson_1.jpg
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