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The smartest way of radiation-free surgical training with a live imaging experience beyond simulation.

Special features

Compatible with RealSmart

No X-ray exposure

Movement of instruments and implants in real-time

Compatible with all instruments needed for a surgical procedure

  • Realists Imaging is a radiation-free X-ray simulation developed exclusively for surgical training with Realists products.

  • Realists Imaging for radiation-free X-ray simulation - no radiation exposure, no lead aprons!​

  • Enhanced user experience

    • Intuitive UI

    • Easy and time-saving automatic calibration of instruments

Accurate simulation

(less than 0.5 mm deviation)

Auto-calibration for time-saving one-click instrument calibration

Options for Precise Use of RealImaging as X-ray Simulation

Realists Reference Pointer

Realists standard solution for precise guidance

•  Guidance for precise positioning of instruments and implants


•  Reference marker for position control

Part of RealImaging package

Realists Reference Pointer

Instrument Adaptation Process

For new instruments with which RealImaging is not yet compatible

  1. Provide instruments to Realists.

  2. Realists to customize RealImaging and create instrument specific trackers

  3. Return of instruments incl. trackers (trackers belong to the customer)

Use your own instruments and see them in RealImaging

Tracker Production

Production of trackers for instruments with which RealImaging is already compatible.

One-time investment

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