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The New Spondylolisthesis Family

The RealSpine family is growing!

Today we proudly announce our two new anatomical cartridges:

  • RealSpine Spondy X Radiolucent model for pedicle screw placement from L3 to S1

  • RealSpine Spondy L3/S1 Proven realism of the previous model, now with extended capabilities - pedicle screw placement from L3 to S1 and 3 discs

RealSpine Spondy X

  • Fully radiolucent lumbar spine model

  • Unparalleled quality of bones and muscles

  • Unsurpassed in pedicle screw placement using X-ray, navigation or the Realists Imaging X-ray simulation

  • Availability: Fall 2022

RealSpine Spondy L3/S1

  • Operable bones from L3 to S1 (L5 to L4 on previous model)

  • Placement of up to 8 pedicle screws (4 on previous model)

  • 3 intervertebral discs (1 on previous model)

  • Availability: Fall 2022

All this with the proven Realists quality and at the same price as the previous model.

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