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Presentation of the latest Biedermann Motech iMAS 360 procedure on RealSpine

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Biedermann Motech presented its latest procedure iMAS 360 using RealSpine to a group of renowned surgeons from the United Kingdom. The demonstration took place on January 26th in the office of Biedermann Motech International Ltd in London. iMAS 360 is a mini-open, microsurgical 360 fusion technique for the lumbar spine which is muscle sparing and is done through a small midline skin incision. To demonstrate the procedure to the audience, a surgeon operated the RealSpine spondylolisthesis module via spine fixation with pedicle screws and an interbody fusion device.

Biedermann Motech is a mid-sized, family owned group of companies with headquarters in Germany (Villingen-Schwenningen) and the USA (Miami) and pioneer in the spinal market for more than 30 years. It developed the world’s first polyaxial pedicle screw system (MOSS System).

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