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„From Simulation to Cadaver Lab“ –Training of Young Specialists on RealSpine

Simulated operating environments provide an ideal and safe setting to develop and train surgical skills and techniques. The annual workshop "From Simulation to Cadaver Lab" at the SFITS (SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery) is dedicated to this subject and invited young neurosurgeons from the 1st to 3rd year of residence to perfect their surgical manual skills on realistic surgical training simulators and human preparations. During the practical part of the course, the "Basic course EANS" on June 11th, 10 future neurosurgeons had the opportunity to train the surgical treatment of a discectomy and a lumbar stenosis on RealSpine under the professional guidance of Dr. Enrico Tessitore, Dr. Marco Corniola, Dr. Ramona Guatta and Dr. Adrien May. The focus was on the correct performance of microscopic approach and unilateral and bilateral decompression. Thanks to a good faculty-resident-ratio all participants received an intensive support during the practical part on RealSpine.

We would like to thank Dr. Enrico Tessitore, Dr. Marco Corniola, Dr. Ramona Guatta, Dr. Adrien May, Dr. Claudius Thomé and Dr. Karl Schaller for their support during the course.

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