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We thank Dr. Andreas Korge

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

for his convincing words about our RealSpine training systems and look forward to further successful events together.

"The Real Spine Trainer is a brilliant simulation module for surgical interventions on the spine. With realistic representation of the intraoperative situs or the paravertebral and intraspinal anatomy, minimally invasive disc, decompression and fusion operations can be simulated. Defined pathologies (herniated disc, mono- and bilateral spinal stenosis, etc.) are available to both the prospective and established surgeon for minimally invasive surgery. The management of complications (dural lesions) can be trained. Realistic haptics and the use of correct surgical instruments provide an advantage over virtual reality simulations. Working with the RealSpine Training System helps to reduce intraoperative learning curves. Its use is not restricted to an actual operating environment but is guaranteed at any location."


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