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RealSpine Cervical

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

From lumbar to cervical spine

After already offering various pathologies for the lumbar spine, we have now developed a model for the cervical spine which maps a myelopathy in segment C3-C7. Depending on the surgeon’s preference and the structures that need to be accessed the model allows a posterior microscopic, exoscopic or open approach. The cervical model also allows lateral mass screws and pedicle screws placement and the use of navigation.

Possible procedures with RealSpine Cervical

at a glance:

  • Flavectomy

  • Laminectomy

  • Decompression

  • Facetectomy

  • Fusion (screw fixation)

  • Dura closure

All structures can be manipulated as usual - the dura can be sutured and bones and soft tissue can be treated with a drill. The cervical model is thus useful for complication training such as managing blood loss or dura injury.

As with all RealSpine models, the developmental process of the cervical model was accompanied by various surgical experts. In doing so, we have developed a high-quality model that is perfect for the realistic scenario-based training of surgeons.

For more information about RealSpine click here.

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