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Realists Imaging

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Realists Imaging is a radiation-free X-ray simulation developed exclusively for surgical training with Realists products. Developed for educational purposes only.

For a maximum realistic training experience, the exact position of instruments, screws and implants, is shown as in a real X-ray image.

Realists Imaging is engineered to support a variety of surgical approaches including endoscopy.

Main Features:

  • Exact determination of the surgical area

  • Simulation of different angles: incl. flexible angulation monitoring of implants during and immediately after the operation

  • Image-guided instrumentation: learning instrumentation under fluoroscopic guidance

  • Pedicle and lateral mass screw insertion: perfect positioning of different sizes of screws

  • Implant setting: safe and exact positioning of cages and other implant systems

  • Usable with all RealSpine models

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