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Why Realists for Associations

Lifelike anatomical models
Bone, muscle, nerves, bleeding, CSF, and more 


Our lifelike training systems imitate the living organism and are therefore visually and haptically as realistic as possible. They are built entirely of synthetic materials and contain all the anatomical structures and fluids involved during surgical procedures on the spine. 

The same instruments and devices normally used in the OR
Visualization, navigation, suction, drilling


Demonstrations using the RealSpine training system are an excellent way to generate interest in your product and appeal to your target audience. Their realism is convincing and differs from conventional presentations.

Defined pathologies for training standardization
Pathologies derived from real patients


All our anatomical models, including their lumbar and cervical spine pathologies, are derived from real patient cases. This allows us to standardize our training; the same patient under the same conditions.

Cost-effective surgical training anywhere, anytime
Train in the OR, conference room, or any other place


Spinal surgical education with Realists training systems does not place any special demands on hygiene and premises. This, together with the Realists’ expertise, make its organization uncomplicated and cost-effective.

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