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Why Realists for Companies

Stand out from the crowd
Present your products on lifelike models


Demonstrations using the RealSpine training system are an excellent way to generate interest in your product and appeal to your target audience. Their realism is convincing and differs from conventional presentations.

Offer the best possible customer experience
Demonstrate your products as they are actually used


RealSpine provides lifelike anatomy including bleeding for a realistic learning experience. All Realists training systems can be operated with real surgical instruments, allowing realistic haptics and hand-eye coordination.

Provide high-quality customer education
Enable cost-effective application training anywhere, anytime


Training with Realists training systems does not place any special demands on hygiene and premises. This, together with the Realists’ expertise, make its organization uncomplicated and cost-effective.

Optimize product development
Implement realistic use cases early stage


Product tests based on real use case scenarios in early and later development phases save money and support the optimization of product quality.

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