The new model maps a myelopathy in segment C3-C7 and allows a posterior microscopic, exoscopic or open approach using navigation. The model also allows lateral mass screws and pedicle screws placement. All structures can be manipulated as you are accustomed from all the other RealSpine patient cases. That means, the dura can be sutured and bones and soft tissue can be treated with a drill. The cervical model is thus useful for complication training such as managing a blood loss or dura injury.

Pathology available


Calvin Miller

A 67-year old man presented with neck pain radiating to both arms and bilateral arm numbness. The clinical exam revealed issues with balance and coordination and difficulties with walking.


The MRI of the cervical spine showed a myelopathy in segment C3-C7 with broad-based central disc-osteophyte complex (C3-5), broad-based spondylotic ridging (C5-6) and a broad-based central disc-osteophyte complex (C6-7).





Compatible technologies

Realists Imaging

Surgical Navigation


Pedicle Screws

Lateral Mass


Dura closure
Bleeding Management

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