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Our core competences are the production of real training systems as well as the realization of training events and their support through appropriate didactic methods. While our RealSpine Training System enjoys a high level of recognition, we would also like to draw your attention to our Realistic Training Concept. This concept is structured around a method-based didactic framework and has already been tested many times. The goal is to impart knowledge and skills with the shortest possible learning curve for maximum learning success.

Cognitive Task Analysis CTA

The CTA makes mental thinking processes, which are automated and not observable, visible to the learner and therefore helps to cope with tasks, solve problems, and to make decisions. 

Didactic Framework

Cognitive apprenticeship/role of the trainer 

  • From an active to a passive role

  • The role of the trainer gradually fades throughout the training course.

Competency-based medical education

  • Orientation on the competence profile expected from a well-trained, independent and self-responsible surgeon

  • Learner-centred

Scenario-based medical education

  • Real-world context

  • Briefing on patient case

  • Learning goals and tasks

  • S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Debriefing, assessment, and feedback

Simulation-based medical education

  • Uses interactive scenarios to support active learning strategies such as problem-based learning

  • The learner must apply his knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a safe but real-world context

Realists Training Concept


Trainee preparation

Online preparation tool


Trainer instruction

The Realists Instructor explains the educational concept and use of the training system to the trainer


Briefing course concept

The Realists Instructor explains to the trainees the Realists training concept



Trainer introduces the “RealSpine Patient” who will be treated during the training course


Master presentation

The trainer operates one Realists module and shows all participants the surgical procedure



Under the supervision of a trainer, the trainees operate a Realists module



The trainer gives feedback on the performance of the trainees

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