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Why we train and develop our team

Staff training and skills development activities are important for every business and the spirit of a team. As for us, our staff and worldwide instructors are always up to date and know our services and training concepts inside out. To keep it that way, we trained the newest members of our team intensively during a three-day instructor`s workshop from 06.05. to 08.05. in anatomy, pathologies, didactics, functionality of our newest technologies and problem-solving strategies, so that they leave our house best prepared for your next training activity. We have therefore developed a customized and company-focused training programme that provides our staff the necessary knowledge that is important for their job as instructor and member of the Realists’ team.

Of course, the fun must not be neglected and we always conclude the training with a final event, this time we had a dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Our training takes place regularly at least once a year.

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