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RealSpine Imaging – for radiation-free spine training

Realists Training Technologies presents a highly realistic X-ray simulation that captures the positions of implants, instruments and anatomical structures through optical tracking and visualises them just like on a real X-ray image. With this dynamic X-ray image, further interventions can be trained on RealSpine and surgical simulation training is taken to the next level.

The benefits are obvious: RealSpine Imaging is easy to handle and can be integrated into any of our RealSpine training models. In addition, the extra weight by wearing a lead apron is eliminated, the mobility of the surgeon in comparison to training with X-ray equipment is not limited.

As a medical device manufacturer, you can use RealSpine Imaging for demonstrating medical devices and integrate your own instruments and implants into RealSpine Imaging so that training that normally requires an X-ray machine can be done without additional radiation. RealSpine Imaging is also adaptable to any space.

Product Features:

· exact determination of the surgical area

· simulation of different angles: incl. AP-picture, axial and lateral - position monitoring of implants during and immediately after the operation

· image guided instrumentation: learning instrumentation under fluoroscopic guidance

· pedicle screw insertion: perfect positioning of different sizes of pedicle screws

· implant setting: safe and exact positioning of cages and other implant systems

· usable with all RealSpine models

Realists Training Technologies always strives to maintain its high standard and with RealSpine Imaging we contribute to the optimisation of surgical spine training at the highest level.

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