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RealSpine Exchange of Experiences in Colombia

With our spondylolisthesis patients, we set out towards the Simposio internacional de cirugía de columna y pediatría (International Symposium on Spine and Pediatric Surgery) in Bucaramanga (Colombia). The symposium, which took place from 29. to 30.08.2019, was again hosted by the Colombian Association of Neurosurgery. The renowned surgeons Dr. Avelino Parajón from Spain, Dr. Michael Dittmar from Mexico and Dr. Nestor Taboada from Colombia participated in a lively technical exchange with resident surgeons and spine experts about their positive experiences with RealSpine for surgical training purposes. Afterwards, the participating surgeons had the opportunity to operate the training system and convince themselves of its realistic haptic and optic.

We would like to thank Dr. Avelino Parajón, Dr. Michael Dittmar and Dr. Nestor Taboada for their support during this event.

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