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RealSpine Demonstration at INSIMED in Colombia

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

In a three-hour meeting with medical device companies on 30. November 2018, we presented our simulation system for the lumbar spine RealSpine. The orthopedist Dr. Ricardo Restrepo performed a discectomy on RealSpine and answered questions about the usage and functionality of RealSpine. He particularly emphasized the realistic simulation of the anatomical structures and the haptic of the simulation system and the diverse application possibilities for the training of residents and surgical consultants.

INSIMED is a private organization and expert for medical simulation training

from Colombia. It carries out simulation trainings for physicians from different medical specialties. They focus on state-of-the-art technologies and scientifically proven didactic concepts. The organization also actively supports educational institutions in the training of health care professionals, e.g. through the development of curricula, as well as companies from the private sector in the process improvement. They are also actively engaged in working together with other institutions and universities to promote the use of simulation in medical education and training.

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