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RealSpine becomes part of a bilateral project in Colombia

As part of a project cooperation between health clusters in Leipzig and Bucaramanga, the first part of a series of workshops took place on 03rd of April in the hospital “Hospital Internacional de Colombia” in Bucaramanga. During the Workshop, specialists in neurosurgery and orthopedics tested the RealSpine stenosis and spondylolisthesis model.

The event also served to exchange experiences about surgical simulation training in Germany. Visits of different simulation centres and stakeholders (universities, companies from the healthcare network and hospitals) in the area of Bucaramanga completed the event.

The aim of the project led by the SEPT program of the University of Leipzig and the Chamber of Commerce Bucaramanga (Colombia) is to set up a demonstration and simulation center in the Bucaramanga region. The consortium of companies and universities in Leipzig and Bucaramanga support the local health sector in establishing themselves as continuing education providers in the Colombian market. Realists GmbH participates in the project with various workshop sessions in the next two years.

We are pleased that the workshop was received very positively by all participants and we would like to thank Carlos Diaz (Director of the healthcare cluster of the Chamber of Commerce Bucaramanga), Dr. med. Norma Serrano (Director of the Research Department of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia and Dr. med. Roberto del Vecchio (Specialist in Orthopedics) for the organization and successful execution of this event.

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