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New opportunities for easy access to spine surgery trainings and events

  • On Demand: Availability of Realists systems and services for individual events

    • With on-site support or

    • With remote support (NEW)

  • Self-Financing: Partnership-based system for permanent availability of Realists systems (NEW)

Realists - Business Models

Realists Training Technologies GmbH is pleased to announce that access to surgical education in the field of spine surgery is now easier than ever before with the lifelike RealSpine Training System.

The expansion of the Realists existing business models allows to better meet the different customer needs and budgets.

From single events to long-term partnerships, from the high quality yet economical approach to the complete service package for maximum comfort and a stress-free event – Realists has the right offer.



Spine surgery training & events – anywhere and anytime

For more information please contact us at or +49 162 2190737.


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